MotorOne Group bushfire appeal continues.

MotorOne Group bushfire appeal continues.

Donation Update:

For the first 3 months of 2020, MotorOne committed to dedicating $10 from every sale of our most popular product on the market – Street Legal, Darkest Legal Tint – directly to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund to support all those affected by the bushfires that have been ravaging the country.

Two months into the donation campaign and we’ve donated $65,920 from Street Legal Tint sales so far.

In January when the bushfire crisis was seemingly at its worst, the Board and the Senior Executive team committed to making a significant donation to help the communities, livelihoods and wildlife that have been devastated by this national disaster.

Whilst there was urgency for immediate donations at the time, we all knew this crisis would continue on for several months, therefore this donation campaign has been running for two months and will continue to the end of March.

With over 900 car dealerships selling Street Legal Tint around Australia, this donation amount donation could well exceed $100,000.

Like everyone, we’re heartbreaking to see the devastation, but behind all those that are suffering. AUSTRALIA. YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT. ❤️

To view the LIVE tally as it keeps increasing, visit the MotorOne Facebook page.

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